Without so many third-party tracking tools, marketers and brands must think about the next steps: rebuild the direct connections with their real customers, protect them, and regain trust.

First-hand Data Counts

Media may get some money from the tech giants by the government law enforcement, but their fate would not change if they are still dependent.

Who are these hackers? Why do they hack?

What’s the power to drive the paradigm shifts of the Internet in the past 3 decades? And what paradigm will be in the coming new age?

  • Why social networks become so important for online marketing?
  • Why social marketing is one of the most important marketing ways today?

Paradigm and Paradigm Shift

Almost everyone said that the iPhone event is getting much more boring year after year. Why people say that? One reason for that is what we think of Innovation might be basically wrong.

Modern phones are way too good for average people

Amazon is aiming to the Ad market and has announced so many initiatives these days. They have a huge advantage over other ads networks: they know way, way more about customers than anyone.

Tenz Shih in English

Senior editor, transcreator, community manager, public speaker, and a free blogger. Another medium blog in Chinese: https://medium.com/@tenz.

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