Yes, You Are About to Be Hacked. Each of You.

Who are these hackers? Why do they hack?

Tenz Shih in English
6 min readDec 8, 2019


Most people may think hackers like this: a super clever nerd locked him/herself in a dark room, surrounded by cool weird digital equipment beeping and flashing. With some keystrokes, money will instantly appear in his/her own bank accounts from others. Just like Mr. Anderson by Keanu Reeve in the classic SFX film, The Matrix.

No, hackers are no longer like that.

Today’s hackers are not lone rangers any more. They are team pros. They have deep knowledge and advanced technologies, aim to specific targets, with clear purposes and strategies. Sometimes they have big supporters, such as a nation-state, behind.

What do these hackers want? Simple. Money, power, and resources let them do attacks in even greater scale.

The Most Friendly Hackers Are Those Who Just Want Your Money

Most of cybersecutiry attacks are for money. We have heard a lot of news about banks, financial firms, hospitals, big companies, even city governments got their data encrypted by ransomware. They could not do anything until sending a big amount of money in the form of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to the digital wallet address assigned by the attackers.

But not only big organizations are targeted. Even each of you are also targeted.

For example, we have seen so many mobile apps containing malware or malicious code, designed to make fraud ad clicks in the background of your smartphones. Or they subscribe to dozens of paid services or buy in-app purchases for you, without any of your consent. Hackers will get a lot of profit sharing from ads or subscription platforms, and you pay the bill you don’t expect.



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