Without so many third-party tracking tools, marketers and brands must think about the next steps: rebuild the direct connections with their real customers, protect them, and regain trust.

Google again announced the plan to end all third-party cookie tracking for user-targeting in the Chrome browser, starting in 2022, and that made many marketers and brands trying their best to keep their business model intact, finding alternative solutions to keep tracking users and deliver ads across websites.

They had made a lot of money by doing so for years and raised concerns about user privacy. For marketers and brands, the bad news is eventually they can no longer track users on such a large scale, using ANY third-party tracking technology, not only for third-party cookies.

First-hand Data Counts

For years, web browsers…

Media may get some money from the tech giants by the government law enforcement, but their fate would not change if they are still dependent.

The responses between Google and Facebook to the legislation process of the Australian News Media Bargaining Code are quite so different.

Google decided not to confront Australians, signed some contracts with large news publishers, buying their news content to show in the Google News Showcase, a new function of the Google News app which is available in some countries like Germany, UK, and Brazil, etc.

On the contrary, Facebook decided to pull the plugs of all links from Australian news media, did not allow them to be shown in users’ news feed, no matter the links are posted by the…

Who are these hackers? Why do they hack?

Most people may think hackers like this: a super clever nerd locked him/herself in a dark room, surrounded by cool weird digital equipment beeping and flashing. With some keystrokes, money will instantly appear in his/her own bank accounts from others. Just like Mr. Anderson by Keanu Reeve in the classic SFX film, The Matrix.

No, hackers are no longer like that.

Today’s hackers are not lone rangers any more. They are team pros. They have deep knowledge and advanced technologies, aim to specific targets, with clear purposes and strategies. Sometimes they have big supporters, such as a nation-state, behind.


What’s the power to drive the paradigm shifts of the Internet in the past 3 decades? And what paradigm will be in the coming new age?

I was often asked questions like below when I gave speeches on social marketing conferences:

  • Why social networks become so important for online marketing?
  • Why social marketing is one of the most important marketing ways today?

Such questions are so interesting that I could not just answer in simple ways. At last, I realized that I have to dig into the history of the Internet, trying to find some key points in the whole process.

Paradigm and Paradigm Shift

The idea of “paradigm shift”, developed by Prof. Thomas Kuhn in his famous and impactful book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, provides me the convenient…

Almost everyone said that the iPhone event is getting much more boring year after year. Why people say that? One reason for that is what we think of Innovation might be basically wrong.

After the 2019 September event of iPhone unveiling, as usual, many people and media criticized it as another boring product release.

In fact, the critiques themselves are the most boring thing. And here is why people keep complaining about the “non-innovativeness” for the iPhone event:

Modern phones are way too good for average people

Most of the functions, innovations (if any) and capabilities of modern phones have been way too much for average people. …

Amazon is aiming to the Ad market and has announced so many initiatives these days. They have a huge advantage over other ads networks: they know way, way more about customers than anyone.

The Information shared a news on the recent move of Amazon to TV ad markets: Amazon will offer free TV shows for customers, with ads, via Amazon Fire TV and other compatible streaming video devices.

Obviously, the first bunch of victims will be direct competitors who also offer free TV contents supported by ads, like Roku Free Channel and existing conventional TV services, since the US TV ads market is so big as $70 billion ads revenue per year, and Amazon wants to expand its empire to this territory so fertile.

But I don’t believe that Amazon’s ambition is just…

Media got problems. We need to think about it, not solely from our own point of view, but from the perspective of our most important customers, the readers.

Everybody know that media industry got serious problems. Old media, no matter printed, radio or TV, are losing audiences year after year, and most of the so-called digital media still can not find stable and profitable business models. The industry tried their best to find out what happened, and how to solve the problems. and no one could say they have the answers to save the industry.

I do not dare to…

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